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Andy Murray Mania

Andy Murray’s recent tennis tournament successes have sparked a greater interest in the game with the result that there has been a big increase in the demand for tennis facilities and equipment. Consequently, Leisure Controls International Ltd [LCI] has received a large number of orders and enquiries for their ranges of LT, ET and Wyvern 2000 Timers which incorporate an extensive number of features to facilitate the control of tennis court lighting. Among the most popular are:

1] Coins, tokens, magnetic and smart cards can all be used which allows a tennis club flexibility of operation.

2] Pre-end warning where an auxiliary relay allows wiring to a warning lamp on the court in order to alert players that the session is about to finish. Alternatively, the timer can be programmed to run on for a set time after the session ends.
With both options it allows players to feed the timer before the halogen lamps extinguish which, in some cases, would have to rest for 15/20 minutes before re-starting. 

3] Pre-start time can be programmed in order to give players time to prepare for play before the session commences.

4] Additionally, the Wyvern 2000 range incorporates a peak and off peak facility whereby during peak times a premium session rate can be charged in order to maximise profits during busy periods. Conversely, off peak time can be set where cheap rates can be offered to attract more business during quiet periods.

Finally, Pauline Davis, the sales manager of LCI has been quoted as saying that she is confident that the present strong interest in tennis will continue over the next few months as Wimbledon draws closer.


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