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Pauline Davis, LCI’s Sales Manager, recently reported a big increase in the number of orders and enquiries for coin and token operated timers and also card operated timers with the facility to operate in a pulse mode where the timer can be set to run within the range of 250 milliseconds to 2 seconds.

These timers are predominantly used with equipment which has been pre-set to receive a brief electrical impulse to start operating for a pre-programmed time. Enquiries have been received from operators requiring pulse timers for a wide range of equipment including water pumps, sunbeds, door locks, waste disposal units, etc.

Pauline further commented that coin and token operated timer LT 3700 was most suitable for use on equipment requiring a pulse of between 250 and 750 milliseconds whilst a requirement for a slightly longer pulse on, for example, a door lock is more suited to an LT or ET coin, token and card operated timer. For those operators wanting a metal timer, the Wyvern coin and token operated timer range is also available where a slightly longer pulse is required.

Full details of the above timers can be found on: or Pauline can be contacted on: 01258 489075

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