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Fernando Arenas, the chief executive of LCI’s Spanish distributor Calor y Frio, is delighted with LCI’s newly launched upgraded LT3500 power sensing timer. This long established popular timer has been further developed to enable it to differentiate between standby and operating modes on the equipment being controlled by the timer.

This feature assumes great importance when heaters, TVs and air conditioning equipment are being controlled where often the amount of current being drawn between standby and operating can be very small resulting in the pre upgraded meter sometimes counting down in standby mode.

Fernando has reported that as a direct result of the upgrade he has taken a large order from a hospital wanting to control TVs for use by patients as well as receiving an influx of enquiries for the control of air conditioning equipment.
Back in the UK, Chris Yard LCI’s Technical Manager also commented that, like the rest of the LT range the new LT3500 is quick and easy to set up and with the auto current sense mode it makes a great addition to LCI’s coin operated timer range.

Laurie Fairhurst, Managing Director of LCI, prophesised that the investment on developing the upgraded LT3500 will be recovered well within the first year of the sales launch.


LCI has launched a range of Video Tutorials aimed at giving their customers even better technical support especially outside normal working hours.

The videos give a pictorial presentation of re-setting the credit allowed time on the LT and ET meters as well as changing a number of settings on the multi- faceted Wyvern 2000 meter.

Chris Yard, the LCI Technical Manager, commented: “This new facility enables customers to re-set meters at any time by merely logging in to Customer Support on the LCI website, however, if required, the LCI technical support team will still be available to assist customers with re-setting queries during normal working hours”.


Sales of LCI's versatile ET 30 Meter have received a boost from the introduction of new legislation requiring the Organizers of large open air events to provide on site washing and toilet facilities. This has resulted in large numbers of mobile shower/WC units being placed on sites and in an effort to help defray the resultant big increase in operating costs event organizers are installing LCI token operated ET 30 Meters on each mobile unit.

LCI's sales executive Pauline Davis commented that this was just one more example of the versatility of the ET30 Meter which has achieved record sales during the last 12 months.

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Leisure Controls International Limited (LCI), the UK's leading manufacturer of coin, card and note reading timers has a policy of continually updating and improving its product range. Consequently from time to time LCI has surplus stocks of certain components.

In addition, LCI also ensures that all products being repaired or refurbished are completed to the latest specification thus ensuring that all products leaving the factory conform to the Company's exacting quality standards.

As a result of this policy LCI at the present time has both reconditioned meters and surplus components for sale, details of which can be found on eBay from time to time. Please check the blog or our website for information.