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With the steady decline in the Sunbed Industry many sunbed salon owners have been installing Whole Body Vibrating Machines to help offset the decline in sunbed revenue. These machines can be purchased, leased or operated on a profit share basis. The latter option is proving popular as no large upfront payment is required and payments to the Machine Supplier can be made directly from machine revenues.

Leisure Controls International Ltd, one of the UK's largest manufacturers of coin, card and bank note operated timers, has for many years been supplying the LT 3200 magnetic card operated timer to sunbed manufacturers for use on sunbed profit share systems. These systems operate through the sunbed manufacturers’ supplying sunbeds together with LT3200 mag card timers to sunbed salon owners who would then purchase a quantity of mag cards from the sunbed manufacturer and re-sell these cards at a higher price to sunbed users who inserted them into the timers in order to operate the sunbeds.

Over the last decade Leisure Controls International had been experiencing a reduction in the sales of the LT3200 in line with the decline in the sunbed industry.

However, during the last 12 months there has been a resurgence in demand for the LT3200 Timer as Whole Body Vibrating Machine suppliers have been delivering large quantities of these machines to salon owners, in many cases in conjunction with LT3200 Timers to operate Profit Share Schemes in exactly the same manner as the long established sunbed schemes.

Leisure Controls International Ltd is proud to be able to manufacture products which not only satisfy the requirements of both equipment suppliers and operators but also exercise a degree of control over the use of health sensitive equipment.

For further information on LT3200 and other meters and timers manufactured by Leisure Controls International Ltd please contact us on:

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