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Traditionally, Following the annual Wimbledon Tennis Championships, Leisure Controls International, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of coin, card and bank note operated timing controllers, experiences a surge in demand for LT 3100 and Wyvern 2000 coin and card operated timers which are ideally suited for the control of tennis court lighting.

The current year of 2010 proved no exception but, unusually, there was a big increase in demand from hot climate countries such as Cyprus, Spain and the West Indies. On investigation it appears that the progressively hotter summers has resulted in more tennis being played in the cooler evenings when lighting assistance is required.

The LT3100 and Wyvern 2000 coin operated meters incorporate a secondary relay which enables the meter to be wired to a pre-end warning device such as a light or buzzer, warning the players that the meter needs to be fed in order to avoid an expensive lamp start up operation.

LCI are proud to be manufacturing coin timer products, in particular the LT3100S air conditioner timing controller and the Wyvern 2000 and LT coin meter ranges for controlling tennis court lighting, which help to limit the use of expensive power in hot climates.

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