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Soluciones y Montajes Sistemas the Spanish distributor of Leisure Controls International Ltd, one of the UK’s leading manufacturer of timing controllers principally operated by coins, cards or banknotes, has just been awarded a contract for the supply of a large number of LT 3100S meters for use in the control of air conditioning units on a large holiday complex in Benidorm Spain.

Senor Fernando Alveraz, the Chief Executive of the distributorship emphasised the importance of the flexibility of the LT 3100S in obtaining the contract. The meter has all the features of the LT3100 but is also fitted with a STOP/START facility. When the STOP button is pressed the air conditioner turns off and the meter ceases to count down. When the START button is pressed the air conditioner restarts and the meter recommences counting down. Importantly this meter can be used in conjunction with all types of air conditioning equipment.

Fernando went on to explain that the meter will be instrumental in the saving of valuable energy through hotel and holiday guests only using the meter whilst on site and not running the air conditioning when offsite thus avoiding the waste of scarce energy resources.

Fernando stressed the importance of controlling power usage particularly in Spain where the explosion in the use of air conditioners due to the progressively hotter summers has resulted in severe power shortages with a consequent increase in power supply prices.

Summing up, Laurie Fairhurst MD of Leisure Controls International stressed that the receipt of this contract is yet further evidence of the Company’s commitment to the use of its products in the control of high energy consuming products in order to play its part in the promotion of a greener environment.

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