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Wyvern® 2000 with Key Over-ride - W2kRMP

Featuring a strong white epoxy covered steel case with a large capacity coin box the Wyvern® 2000R Timer offers an extensive range of features to suit virtually all coin timer applications. Advanced electronic control provides programmable options allowing up to six different coins to be recognised, peak and off-peak timing cycles, external start and stop functions and many other essential functions. The W2kRMP is fitted with a key switch to the left of the display. This switch can be used to over-ride the timer function for servicing or to disable the timer during snooker competions.

The Wyvern® 2000R has two switched outputs as standard and the secondary output is programmable for an extended time period. Both outputs are voltage free, which mean they can be used to switch a load operating from any voltage, not just mains operated equipment.

Standard features include:

 Programmable coin acceptance
 Programmable pricing
 Coin lockout
 Real time clock
 Large capacity cashbox
 Invalid coins rejected
 Programmable pre-time
 Secondary output overrun
 Voltage free outputs
 Programmable peak/off peak settings
 Warning buzzer
 Remote stop and start facility
 Radial 8 pin lock
 Programmable over-ride functions
 Interrogation mode (both time and monetary readings)

Find out more about the Wyvern®2000 with Key Over-ride.

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